Relinquish Form

Occasionally, a senior pet must be given up for various reasons.  If you wish to apply to relinquish your pet, please complete the form below.

**NOTE:  Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue charges a $100 Relinquish Fee for relinquished pets coming into rescue.  Payment may be made here, by PayPal, or by cash; no cheques will be accepted.

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Alternatively, you may download the PDF version of the Relinquishment Form for printing.

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Relinquishment Agreement

(I / we) fully understand that by executing this document and delivering the above described dog to Before the Bridge Senior K9
Rescue Inc. that (I/we) hereby relinquish any and all legal and equitable rights of ownership of the above-described dog.

(I/we) represent that (I/we) are the lawful owner(s) of, and have good title to and the right and power to gift, sell, assign, transfer, convey and deliver said dog; and that said dog is free and clear from claims of ownership or other encumbrances of any kind of nature whatsoever by any other person or entity.

(I/we) understand that Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue Inc. will act in the best interest of said animal in its care and placement.  By assuming ownership, Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue Inc. reserves all rights in regards to making all decisions in regards to the dog's care, placement and medical treatment.

(I/we) understand that Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue Inc. has the right to return the dog to owner if said dog shows aggression in the foster home.

(I/we) understand that my clicking 'I Agree, Submit Form' below, (I/we) agree to the terms as outlined above as if (I/we) were signing a legal document.