Foster a Dog

Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue is not a shelter.  We place dogs with loving foster families who care for the dogs until they find their forever homes.


We are in need of fosters for dogs of all sizes. If interested in opening your home and hearts to fabulous furry souls, please fill out our application form and let us know!

What does it take to be a foster home for BBSK9R?

  • Comfortable indoor home (dog standards, we’re not talking the Hilton here)
  • A fully fenced yard
  • Exercise time – walking, running, swimming, Frisbee, etc.
  • Some training or retraining if necessary
  • Rules, boundaries and limitations
  • Transportation to and from veterinary appointments
  • Transportation to and from adoption events and meetings with potential adoptive families

Personal skills should include:

  • Some knowledge of dog behaviour
  • Some experience with dog handling
  • The ability to love and let go
  • The understanding that each of your charges are perfect in their imperfections
  • The ability to work with a team for the welfare of the dog in spite of personal feelings
  • The ability to organize, process and provide paperwork (small amount usually)
  • The ability to handle frustration when your charge doesn’t understand what is required of him/her
  • Willingness to be a part of the process of placing your charge in a new forever home

What does BBSK9R provide for it’s foster homes?

  • Dog food
  • Materials the dog will need such as kennels, collars and leashes
  • Vetting
  • Moral support for the foster family
  • Also tools and support for training
  • Lots of opportunities for personal growth
  • Lots of opportunities to volunteer
  • Lots of opportunities to fall in love again and again and again
  • If you want more information on fostering, please contact [email protected].

If you’re interesting in becoming a foster for Before the Bridge, please fill out our online application here OR print this form, fill it out, and send it to [email protected].